The female Baltimore Oriole that appeared at my feeders on the day of the big storm of February 8th continues to the present and has survived another storm. I have seen her every day since she first appeared.  She usually visits the feeder at least a dozen times during the day, mostly eating hulled sunflower seeds.

Baltimore Oriole, female, eating sunflower seeds.

A few days ago I recalled that the traditional attraction for orioles at the feeder is oranges so I put one out.  At first she ignored it, continuing to feast on seeds for the next several visits.  Eventually though she went to the orange half and by dusk she had cleaned it out:

Baltimore Oriole eating orange fruit, with House Sparrow looking on.

Fortunately we had some HoneyBell oranges left over from a holiday gift and going downhill.  Nothing like a sugar high at the end of the day to build up some calories for the long, cold winter night.

Baltimore Oriole Photo: Bob Mayer